Personal development

Concept of personal development

Personal development — the system of the interconnected actions including strategy development, forecasting and requirement planning in personnel, management of career and professional growth, the organization of process of adaptation, training, a training, forming of an organization culture.

Personal development

Personal development is the systematic process oriented to forming of the employees meeting requirements of the entity, and, at the same time, on studying and development of productive and educational potential of staff of the entity.

Personal development includes the following package of measures:

  • professional training;
  • retraining and advanced training of a personnel;
  • rotation;
  • authority delegation;
  • career planning of personnel in the organization.

Personal training — set of the actions developed within the single concept of training of the organization and oriented to systematic personnel training. At the same time, these actions exert a positive impact on change of skill level and employees productivity of all hierarchical levels, satisfying the individual need for training and requirement of the organization for the trained employees.

Professional development represents process of training of the employee for accomplishment of new production functions, to occupation of new positions, the solution of new tasks.

Personal development purposes:

  • increase in labor potential of workers for the solution of personal tasks and tasks in the field of functioning and organization development increase in efficiency of work;
  • decrease in a staff turnover;
  • preparation of the necessary managerial personnel;
  • education of young capable employees;
  • achievement of bigger independence of the labor market;
  • adaptation to new technologies;
  • growth of social qualities of employees and their satisfaction with work.

Measures for personnel development:

  • preserving working capacity;
  • adaptation of personnel to the changing conditions;
  • training of employees for accomplishment of more difficult tasks;
  • the organization of psychological assistance to the employees working in the conditions of the increased risks.

Basic principles of personal development:

  • integrity of system of development, succession of different types and forms of personnel development;
  • the advancing nature of training and development on the basis of the forecast of scientific technical development and conditions of organization development;
  • flexibility of various forms of development, possibility of their use at separate stages of development;
  • professional and social stimulation of human resources development;
  • creation of system of personnel development taking into account specific opportunities of the organization, social and economic conditions of its functioning.

The factors influencing need of personal development for modern conditions:

  • the serious competition in various markets in the conditions of globalization of economy;
  • rapid development of new information technologies;
  • the system, complex solution of questions of human resources management and all strategic tasks on the basis of the single program of organization activity;
  • need of development of strategy and organization culture of the organization;
  • participation of all line managers in implementation of single personnel policy and solution of strategic tasks of the organization;
  • availability of wide specialized network of consulting firms in various directions of human resources development.