Recommendations on development of small business from Richard Branson, the founder of Virgin

Recommendations on development of small business from Richard Branson, the founder of Virgin

1. Accurately realize the mission

For Virgin — it is frequent a shake-up of the settled market, provision to clients something bigger in respect of the value and service. In a case with Innocent is a provision to buyers of magnificent juice who shall help them to lead a healthy lifestyle, and the company does it to a cheerful form.

2. At you the fundamental structure shall be correctly organized

It is necessary to strengthen the relations with those suppliers and partners who can deliver you raw materials without advance payment or lease the room, without levying the rent directly. In this case you will be free: you will be able to begin a large-scale campaign without heavy capital investments.

3. On «top» there shall be the correct team

The managers who reached a top often cease to feel as a part of team. And sometimes it is necessary to leave such employees, it is painful, but it is necessary.

4. Accurately particular purpose and feeling of ethics give to the company a strong basis

Innocent is focused on making the planet it is slightly better, than it was until they didn’t appear. And it is a simple, but effective message causes emotions both in personnel, and in buyers, be their 10 people or 500.

5. No matter, as far as your business grew, details are all the same important

Richard Branson regularly visits locations of the businesses, watches how the situation on the place is, talks to personnel. And Richard Read does the same. It checks everything, from a lid on a bottle on which, by the way, in a line of an expiration date it is written not «to use to …», and «to enjoy to …», and to carpets at offices which all of exclusive quality.

6. Listen to the clients and act according to heard

You speak with personnel, read feedbacks on social networks and at forums, always listen that speak about your business and a brand. Fidbek is what will hold your business afloat.

All these steps can quite be accepted to execution, it isn’t so difficult. And they will help your business grow harmoniously and easily.