Corporate social liability

Use of the concept of corporate social liability in activities of industrial enterprises

The subject of social responsibility of business purchases more and more strong sounding in business and scientific community of Russia in recent years.

Corporate social liability

Corporate social liability is a fixed commitment of the companies to run business on the basis of ethics and to make a contribution to economic development, at the same time improving quality of life of the workers and their families, as well as societies in general.

To manage social responsibility of the entity — means to optimize a ratio of the efforts and resources directed to achievement of commercial purposes and to payment of social liabilities.

In modern Russia the corporate social liability (CSL) pays special attention to the relations with workers: training and professional development, application of motivational schemes of compensation, provision of a benefits package, participation of workers in decision making, maintenance of internal communications. But such point of view isn’t right. Social responsibility of industrial enterprise shall be considered in a complex and not be fixed only on this or that aspect of its activities.

Allocate more than ten directions of implementation of the social functions of business which are sources of the modern social and labor relations. Among them are priority: support of an education system and training, health care system, other spheres of social services; different support of initiatives of financing of specific social projects of municipal authorities and organizations of civil society. One of indicators of growth of social responsibility of business is its socialization, acceptance on themselves a considerable part of the functions connected with a professional and common development of workers.

Characteristics of new approaches of the companies to development of the social sphere are: availability of the thought-over priorities in corporate social policy and the clear address to audiences; combination of policy and address to a product or business of the companies; competitive selection of programs for social investments; communication of corporate social programs with image and brands of the companies. Business community of Russia, enhancing the social strategy, develops and implements mechanisms of coordination of interests in dialogue «business society state«, comes to a stage of forming of the consolidated line item of socially responsible business.

Thus, the corporate liability becomes today modern style of business activity which exerts significant impact on process of acceptance of management decisions taking into account the interests of all concerned parties. Corporate social programs become a necessary condition of steady business and at the same time a factor of increase in social stability and level of living.